We are happy to receive feedback and are open to collaboration! If you are interested in this project, write an email to us. If you are a Sk employee, you can apply for Zhores account and join our team so you’ll be able to train and submit your own predictive models.
Most importantly, UKB data policies require all project members to be registered with UKB. So we need to update group information and gain prior permission for a new member.
We have some partially filled page here.
Recipes for our image are located on github here. Singularity repo is located on github because it has native integrations with singularity hub. It allows us to automatically build singularity recipes on github recipe change event and also stores resulting images on singularity hub free hosting. After the build this image is available through singularity hub here. Image is based on neurodebian and include common scientific libraries. It also contain some domain-specific stuff such as plink2.